By Cory Blair, Chief People Officer

About two weeks ago I had the privilege to speak at a fun HR event called Disrupt HR.  It is like a Ted talk but shorter and more to the point.  I had 5 minutes to teach 100 or so people something that I believe in.  My talk (actually my rant) was geared towards my strong beliefs in being a people people.  No not a people person but a people people.  That is a phrase I live by and all that it truly means is for you as an individual to see the awesome in others, work with empathy, care more and be honest.  At home and at work.  Pretty simple. 

One of the slides in my rant was about people “who get it”.  We say that all the time at work and in our daily lives, whether meeting a new business colleague for the first time or getting emotional from a Facebook post of a story that pulls on the heart strings. “Oh they get it!”  Or the opposite “they do not get it”.

People that “get it” are the ones that believe in what we believe.  There is a connection from similar values and ways of thinking and I will say those values are people things.  I will go even further and say those things that define “getting it” are in fact empathy, caring, compassion and honesty.  People that “do not get it” are more focused on money, self-satisfaction and power.  Just think about Hollywood.  Who as a celebrity are you most connected to?  Why do you like them?  Does Ellen make you feel awesome or does Kim Kardashian?  I don’t know either of those two personally but I do know Ellen does things that tugs on the old heart strings and the selfie revolution just doesn’t do it for me…..

Just look around.  Take a peek at your family, work peers and even your Facebook friends.  Who makes you feel connected?  Who is your go to person to help you out if you need help? Who are the people you would have a beer with and who are the people that are selling you a bunch of nothing? 

This is the most simplistic way to build culture, build organizations into great successes.  You hire people who get it and let go people that do not.  You design process instilling empathy, compassion and honesty and do business based on caring for others no matter what and treat your customer just like you would want to be treated. 

The best customer feedback ever would simply be “hey you guys get it.”