Written by Cory Blair, Chief People Officer - Affective Consulting

May 15, 2018 Blog – 3 minute read – Team Building

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day and like every day in the Blair household, one vehicle went one way and the other another way with kid’s activities.  Jess my wife, did get to open her gifts in the morning and we all gave her a hug and kiss for recognizing how truly awesome she is.  She is a fantastic mom and wife.  Like I mean she is friggin AWESOME!  With 4 kids in multiple activities as well as both of us working, coaching or volunteering, somebody needs to hold down the fort and direct us.  That is Jess.  Without a hesitation, the most organized person on the face of the earth. 



It actually used to bother the heck out of me.  Everything systemized.  Colour-coded or put in a place that was arranged for a purpose.  I do not go by those standards or ways.  I live in the “not organized and leave it where I last used it mode”.  When we were dating we used to argue over me not cleaning up after myself or “forgetting” to do something that I was told to do.  Jess is super detailed as well.  She is a total fact finder.  She will ask questions till the cows come home.  Myself, not so much.  I just need to know the essential info.  In Affective’s team building workshops, I talk lots about this.  I literally got through university only reading one textbook.  It was my French 100 textbook.  All the other classes I just skimmed or went to the library and photocopied old editions.  Ahhhh!  Those were the days.

My wife and I are totally different.  We have different backgrounds and ways of doing things.  We have learned over 13 years of marriage that we must embrace those differences and complement each other.  If we do not, our home team, our family of 6 suffers.  We rely on Jess to organize us, get the details and restore order in the Blair house.  I bring adaptability, quick thinking and simplicity to our busy life.  It just works.  Yes sometimes it doesn’t but 98% of the times it does.


The same goes for any organization.  Teams that are built upon diversity in strengths, tend to be way more efficient.  They utilize individual differences to get the job done faster, with better quality and with less cost.  From a people side (which is most important) allowing employees to take action their own way, will only lead to their personal success and therefore the business succeeds.  I have seen people working against their strengths far too often.  They are stressed out, sick of their job and not confident.  I have been there before.  I have been in jobs where I had to be the systemize guy or be extremely detailed like my wife.   I could do it, I learned to do it but man was I burnt out after a period of time. I see this a lot in organizations we work with.  

I love my wife.  I love how she is compliments me.  She keeps our team of 6 rolling.  I am sure she would say the same about my strengths I bring to the table.  Think about your family, relationships and where you work.  Embrace the differences and see the potential for less stress.  It can’t hurt to try and if you need some help just ask me and I would be glad to help!