2-3 minute read

written by Cory Blair, Chief People Officer

Summer time is just better.  Plain old better then the other seasons.  Well at least in our family. It is our time to hang out, play and relax.  After basically 10 months of kids activities and work, we take the time to focus on being together at the family cottage.

We love the cottage.  We swim, lay in the sun on the deck and go out on the boat.  Oh and the food and drink is pretty good too when we are out in summer vacay mode.  But why is it so good and why do we only do this in the summer?


Well I ain’t gonna lie.  Canadian winters are cold and dark and I am pretty sure my kids will not attempt a polar dip in the middle of January.  Canadian summers are beautiful. The weather is warm and the days are long. It just propels you to get outside and take in the moment and soak it all in because you know in 2 months the cold creeps back and the days get shorter.  Summer gets you to be more present.

Your mindset is to get away and get outside.  It is to step outside of the hustle and bustle of whatever the 8-5 grind is.   Your mind also says “ maybe I will just leave my phone over here in the cupboard for the day and maybe run around and play with my kids or have a cocktail with friends and family.”  That mindset reminds you what it means to be present. Re-kindle the interactions that make you HUMAN!!! Build memories that last forever.


So what the heck is the point of this story Cory??  I think we as people have lost our ability to build relationships, memories and social interactions.  We run around most of the time, driving to whatever practice or going to whatever meeting like a bunch of crazy people.  We forget to be present, and live our lives in the here and now. We feel time speed by without grasping what is truly important - our family ,friends and the relationships we have to create memories.  Presence comes in different forms. From putting your phone away at business meeting or your child’s soccer game or literally taking the time to hold your spouse’s hand going for a walk on the beach, having those human interactions to make memories and experiences is what it truly is all about.  For some odd reason vacation is the only time we let ourselves go and be a social species. We need to do it more and not just in the summer at the lake but more throughout the year.


So thanks to Saskatchewan summers for helping me focus on being more present.  I know for me, personally teaching about presence in leadership workshops, I need to practice what I preach more throughout the year and not just out at the lake.

So take in the last month or so of summer with the people close to you and enjoy it.  Take that feeling of being present and try to do it in the other seasons with your family, friends and at work.  Cheers to the summer and being our favourite #peoplepeople!!