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For Marc…. Your time was too short with us but the time we had with you will leave a lasting impact beyond words can express… Rest easy buddy!

I have not wrote a blog in a while!  We have been hard at work and this year I have made a pact with myself to write more.  I am going to write more thoughts on how I see life and business through a lens of kids, work and experiences.

My dad told me once time flies by.  He was not a man of many words but when he did talk you listened.  I was like 17 at the time and was like “um no it doesn’t”. I had no girlfriend, graduating high-school and a new car.  For a 17 year old 24 hours in a day is like an eternity!!! Sleep is over rated, a part time job is really insignificant and starting university leaves a world of exploration!! Time is available like XBOX gift cards for FortNite!!!

As you grow up you understand that time is the common denominator for all of us.  When we are young, we can be reckless with our time because we just can be. We are still learning about life, responsibilities and cultivating relationships. We are all about “me” and not necessarily “we”. As you get into your 20’s time starts to be more important.  You are either working full time now or going to school and out on your own, circling back to your parents or those who raised you sometimes, especially when you get hungry.

Then someplace in your late 20’s and early 30’s most people get married and have kids. Then you get into your late 30’s and 40’s and the world just zips by. Days just become a blur.  We become busy. We are doing things for others. Mainly raising our kids, growing our careers and trying to have some fun along the way. Busy is such an excuse word that drives me crazy (my pet peeve).  Time flies because you are actually having an impact on another person. You are not just worried about yourself. You have a partner, kids, extended family, friends, staff and clients.

It has nothing to do with being busy but it has all to do with time and the people and things you spend it with including time for yourself.   Time is the constant that doesn’t change and that is why it is so valuable.  The relationships you have and the people you surround yourself with is what increases the value of your time here on earth. The activities that make you happy and let you be you also increase you’re the value of time.   Therefore how you allocate your time in a day becomes crucial.  

When my dad said time flies he meant this: I have watched you grow.  I have driven you to every sporting event possible, friends’ houses and activity since you were 4.  Not only you but your sister and brother too. All while working and building a great career and your mom and I kept this house in order. Now I look and back and man was that time well spent!!

I have been just amazed at this and now realize how time flies.  I see my kids grow every day and run them around because I want them to be active, learn responsibility and become great humans.  Give them experiences so that they are social and build relationships. Same for the people that volunteer their time to constantly help others in charity and want to make an impact in others’ lives or leaders who actually serve their staff and take the time to listen and want that person to grow and develop.  See time is all about you giving a piece of yourself to others.

On the flip side you have to have time for yourself too.   We as humans need to allocate this valuable time not only for others but take the time to relax and reset.  We need to look at ourselves and ask what really matters and what is it that will recharge my battery when it gets low.  I understand why my dad enjoyed gardening, having friends over on the deck and going fishing. His time was just as important as the time he invested in me.

Warren Buffet said and I quote”   It's the only thing you can't buy. I mean, I can buy anything I want, basically, but I can't buy time.  

So as we get older, let’s allocate time to the right places. Do things that make your time valuable because truly time is priceless!!