We get you. 

Caltech Surveys is a small business success story that grew in to a full fledged organization with representation in several provinces across Canada. That level of growth comes with responsibilities- 100+ staff, multiple streams of revenue that extend beyond the traditional surveying boundaries, and the integration of new offices as  Caltech continues to grow and develop. You've maintained the high level of service that made you successful - keeping a focus on accuracy and speed of service, while providing an end-to-end solution for your clients. 

What we heard from you. 

Like many organizations that have seen an immense level of growth and development over time, Caltech has focused the majority of it's energy meeting the needs of their customers, and done their best to engage, reward and develop their staff. With a changing employee compliment, the addition of new offices and the growing demands of clients in new areas of buisness, Caltech experienced what we call the "split" - that point in an organization's history where growth and financial return continues to head in an upward trend, but employees and leadership become seperated from the original intent and purpose. The organization starts to operate based on what they do, and the organizational purpose, or WHY they do what they do, starts to go fuzzy. 

The consequences of an organization that has disconnected from their purpose is a downward trend in employee morale, a loss of competitive edge when it comes to competing for clients, and a lack of strategic direction that could help you drive your organization forward in a more efficient and purposeful way. 

We also heard from you that there is a need to develop other guiding statements, such as a vision, mission and values statement. These guiding statements will play a significant part in defining how your organization operates and what goals you seek to achieve. These statements will play a large role in defining your overall organizational culture, clarifying the expectations that you have for your employees and defining the norms and behaviours that Caltech wishes to have associated with its business. 

We can help with that. 

As an organizational design and leadership development firm, we help organization's just like Caltech re-discover their WHY - the deeper meaning behind why they exist. We've created organizational WHY statements that help connect organizational purpose to strategic direction and planning, connecting the philosophical heartbeat of the company to their vision and misson. Through the creation and the greater understanding of an organizational WHY, we help companies like Caltech establish clear lines of sight for all employees so that they understand their role and its connection to the bigger overall picture. 

Organizational culture is driven through a greater understanding of the impacts of your purpose, mission, vision and values. Affective Consulting has designed culture strategies for some of Canada's Top 100 employers, including one recently named one of Canada's Ten Most Admired Corporate Cultures. 

About us.

We're a small boutique leadership firm. You're welcome! ;-)

Our belief is that there is no single solution or model that can be used to solve every issue. One size does not fit all; one size fits one.

Working with a boutique local firm like the guys at Affective Consulting offered better personal customer service, easy accessibility, and an opportunity to meet and know the people behind the service.
— Janson Anderson, Director- Customer Programs, SaskPower

We leverage the strengths of each of our partners to work with our clients using small teams that allow our approach to be extremely adaptive and customizable to the needs of the people we are seeking to serve. We involve our clients as partners in the process from day one, helping us truly understand their business. We believe in an individualized, person-centered approach that puts people at the center of our design, and helps transform our client’s organization.

Our design approach includes a strong focus on follow-up. We believe that one of the greatest areas where consultants fall down is the traditional practice of moving on before the desired outcome has been achieved. The boutique approach we have taken, is to build-in a small amount of post-development consulting time, so that we can ensure that what we have intended to deliver hits the mark and stays on track.

Through the use of this approach, we begin to establish organizational trust, understanding and the belief that everyone truly matters within the design of the business.


Now that we've gotten to know each other, here's our proposal.