Cory Blair


Cory loves to coach others. The one thing he loves most is about working with people is watching them realize their full potential.

He lives for the opportunity to help others better understand who they are, and clears the path for them to honour their authentic selves. In fact, that’s how he fell in love with personal assessments and team building initiatives, like the Kolbe Index tool. To date, Cory has led over 1,700 individual and team assessments that have put people on the path to being self-aware, and created more authentic organizations.

Cory understands that cultures are built upon a shared vision and common values between people. He loves helping organizations evolve their cultures into something awesome by using Affective Leadership™ practices to connect employee passion with corporate strategy.

As a true servant leader, Cory never stops challenging himself or others, and brings an inquisitive approach to problem solving. His direct and shoot-from-the-hip approach brings an open and honest approach to his engagement with individual clients as well as organizational design, and is something that is appreciated by his customers.

Cory has a degree in Political Science from the University of Regina. Cory also has certifications in ProSci™ Change Management and Servant leadership. Cory also has been a certified Kolbe™ Consultant since 2010. Cory is an active member in his community serving his hometown of Balgonie Saskatchewan as a member of the Elks of Canada, Lodge #572. He is married to his beautiful wife Jessica and has 4 children, Peyton, Ryder, Nashia and Graycee.

Cory is your go-to guy for: team building, recruitment, career development, culture integration, change management, employee engagement.