What is culture? 

This has been a topic of intense discussion and scrutiny for the past couple of years, as an organization's culture has become a greater area of focus for many. It's something that current and future employees routinely identify as a priority for higher levels of engagement. It generates buzz around the Executive table. You can't see it or touch it. And (most) companies aren't even sure how to measure it. But we know one thing for sure: 

Good culture or bad, you know it when you see it. 

Affective Consulting defines culture as your identity- that part of your organization that is engrained and integrated into everything that you do - it's part of your company DNA. Organization's that are successful in growing and fostering a strong corporate culture have a clearly defined set of principles that act as guidelines for employee behaviours, and are held to account based on their action. When organizational culture is leveraged appropriately, you can not only measure its impact, you can point to it on a balance sheet.

The affective culture process. 

Affective Consulting leverages an innovative approach to culture-impacting design, focusing on a comprehensive 4 level process that helps your organization develop the type of culture your organization can point to as increaing your people engagement, but also ensure that the cultural norms stick. 

With years of experience within the culture development and integration field, we believe that there are four key components to developing a strong and sustainable culture, including clarifying expectations, instilling capacity for cultural change, buidling momentum and fostering committment of a new or existing culture.

Creating an aCulture.

Beyond the creation of structure and process for defining and guiding your organizational culture comes the affective support of the culture itself. This is what we call aCulture. 

Creating an understanding of the impact of the small and affective side of a workforce culture can sometimes bring greater benefits to an organization than any policy or process that you may have spent years developing.  Affective Consulting can work with your leaders to ensure that there is an emotional connection to your cultural beliefs to ensure you actions aren't betraying your cultural principles. 

We are here to help.

Affective Consulting can help your organization better understand it's current culture, and work with you to define, evolve, track and measure the kind of organization that you want to be. Through processes that leverage organizational psychology methodology, we can help you better understand how to inspire innovation through empathy, create employee and customer engagement programs that grow pride and passion within your organization, and create buy-in through strategic clarity and a sense of employee belonging and ownership. 

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