Business leaders call it a 'no brainer'. We call it Free Agent™. 


People are the single thing that connects each and every business. In fact, 100% of your customers, your clients and your employees are....people. And the truth is that no matter what product you sell or how good your marketing campaign is- if you don't know people, you don't know business. 

We know people. 

For over 20 years, the partners of Affective Consulting have been working with or beside the best in the people business. From Top 100 employers to up-and-coming start-ups, we've helped each and every one of them be better at growing, developing and serving people. And now we want to help small and medium sized businesses do the same through an offering we call Free Agent™. 

What is Free Agent™?

It's a new way of looking at developing a strong people management plan for your business. Whether you are a start-up with a growing team or a well established organization without HR support, we have solutions that can help you get your people programs established and off the ground while setting you up for success for the future. With the help of business owners and CEOs, we help build organizational cultures that bring the best out your people, so they can be the best face of your organization to your customer and client. 

If you are reading our post, chances are you are ready for some HR support. Most small to medium sized business owners are broken into two categories- ones that are ready to take that first initial step into bringing on an HR Generalist, and those who are looking the other way and hoping that everything continues to pan out for them. They either don't want to dedicate the funds to bring in a full time resource or, and this may be the more prevalent reason, they are concerned they don't know enough about people management and will be exposed. 

Free Agent™ represents a third option.

Our Free Agent™ offering is a way for small and medium businesses to invest in premium people management services. Free Agent™ helps companies establish their organization's people plan through best-in-class programming, including leveraging the tools within our very own process which we call Affective Leadership™.


Our goal is to set organizations such as your's on the right path with its people management programming and help set your company up for success for today as well as the future. 

Whether its developing inclusive employee strategies, creating people-centered policy, delivering inspiring training programs or embedding culture practices that will make your employees proud to work for you- we collaborate with you to build the foundations of your people plan so that you can grow it, with or without us.

We'll even help you set up that first HR Generalist before we're done. 

The Free Agent™ Value Proposition 

Our value proposition is a simple one. For less than the cost of a full-time generalist, we can provide you with three experts in the field of Human Resources and people management. 

Over and above the services that can be offered to you by an entry level generalist, Affective Consulting's Free Agent™ model stands apart in three very distinct service offerings: 

Our #1 Service Offering: Confidence 

Our number one service that we offer owners/ leaders of businesses is confidence. Confidence that their organization is being set-up for success, both for today and the future. Our goal is to instill a confidence within you and your leadership team that your organization has the tools that they need to bring out the best in your people. 

 We are here to serve you so that you can better serve your people.

By taking this mindset to heart, we will not only assist you in building a people plan that suits the needs of your employees, your clients and your customers, we will also assist you in being more confident in your people leadership skills. This individualized coaching is available so that you can be front and center in the implementation and development of your company's people plan. 

Our #2 Service Offering: Expertise

We bring Executive level leadership as well as over 20 years each of experience in the field of human resource management, corporate culture, project and performance management. We have worked with and beside some of Canada's Top 100 companies, contributing to successful people plans in private, public and non-profit settings. Through our Free Agent offering, we can bring that same winning formula to your organization on a fractional basis for roughly the same cost as an on-staff generalist will cost you. 

The affective leadership model is comprehensive. 

We have designed a people leadership model that leverages a combination of individual coaching, team building and development, corporate culture enhancement and servant leadership to create a comprehensive people management philosophy that can help you build the foundations of an organization in a way that will be meaningful to your employees, building buy-in and engagement along the way. 

Our #3 Service Offering: Flexibility

Our belief is that there is no single solution or model that can be used to solve every issue. One size does not fit all; one size fits one.

We leverage the strengths of each of our partners to work with our clients using small teams that allow our approach to be extremely adaptive and customizable to the needs of the people we are seeking to serve. We involve our clients as partners in the process from day one, helping us truly understand their business. We believe in an individualized approach that puts people at the center of our design, and helps transform our client’s organization.

Our design approach includes a strong focus on follow-up. We believe that one of the greatest areas where consultants fall down is the traditional practice of moving on before the desired outcome has been achieved. The boutique approach we have taken, is to build-in a small amount of post-development consulting time, so that we can ensure that what we have intended to deliver hits the mark and stays on track.

Through the use of this approach, we begin to establish organizational trust, understanding and the belief that everyone truly matters within the design of the business.

Let's Talk more. 

If you like the way we think, we would love to sit down with you and talk more about what you may need, and how we may be able to help.

We love getting out of the office for a coffee, and you can kick our tires as long as you like and for however long you need. No strings attached.

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