about us.

We're a small boutique leadership firm. You're welcome! ;-)

Our belief is that there is no single solution or model that can be used to solve every issue. One size does not fit all; one size fits one.

We leverage the strengths of each of our partners to work with our clients using small teams that allow our approach to be extremely adaptive and customizable to the needs of the people we are seeking to serve. We involve our clients as partners in the process from day one, helping us truly understand their business. We believe in an individualized, person-centered approach that puts people at the center of our design, and helps transform our client’s organization.

Working with a boutique local firm like the guys at Affective Consulting offered better personal customer service, easy accessibility and an opportunity to meet and know the people behind the service.”
— Janson Anderson, CEO, Harbour Landing Village

Our design approach includes a strong focus on follow-up. We believe that one of the greatest areas where consultants fall down is the traditional practice of moving on before the desired outcome has been achieved. The boutique approach we have taken, is to build-in a small amount of post-development consulting time, so that we can ensure that what we have intended to deliver hits the mark and stays on track.

Through the use of this approach, we begin to establish organizational trust, understanding and the belief that everyone truly matters within the design of the business.

Through the use of this approach, we begin to establish organizational trust, understanding and the belief that everyone truly matters within the design of the business.


our approach to hr consulting and  outsourcing.

We believe that the best person to run your organizations People Program is you. 

Most HR consultants seek out operational control and ask for the power to develop programs and approaches to organizational design so that they can build the systems they want to implement, not necessarily the systems that you need. 

We just don't roll that way. 

We want you to keep the keys to your business- we just want to help you steer. Our belief that the best person to implement your people plans is you - the one who has put your blood, sweat and tears into building your business, and we can help set you up for success.

Through our Free Agent offering, we provide small to  medium sized business owners an opportunity to build the foundation of their People Plans, with the support you need to better understand HR practices so that you can confidently speak to and support them with your people. Your People Plans should be an extension of your values and beliefs as an organization, not a list of regulations that make the lives of your leaders and your people miserable.

Free Agent allows you to tap into the expertise of our team, providing you strategic, operational and organizational design that can not only pick up the ball and take over your existing HR practices, but build the foundation of a full People Plan that will set the organization's foundation for the future. We can help you establish the direction for your people practices so that you can effortlessly continue with them long after we have left.  

we geek out on brain stuff. 

We have dedicated ourselves to creating a greater understanding of what makes people tick. 

Although we are all different as people, we all have things that drive us. 


There are three parts to the human mind- the cognitive (which manages your knowledge and experiences), your affective (which controls your emotional being) and your conative (a lesser known part of the brain, which measures your instinctual behaviour, as well as the values and beliefs that drive your motivations). 

Each of these parts of your brain play a significant part in how you think, feel and act, and when all three are in a state of engagement, people are capable of amazing things. 

Cory and Kevan are all trained in the use of the Kolbe Index A assessment, the only test in the world that measures the instinctual, or conative, part of the mind, and have made the assessment a corner stone of their consulting business, and can bring this knowledge and skill to Hope’s Home.

we believe in servant leadership. 

11 Principles of Servant Leadership (1).jpg

Kevan, Cory and Mark are huge believers that the role of a leader is not necessarily to lead the way, but rather to serve those who they are responsible for. This people centred approach, called servant leadership, aims to shift the way that our leaders look at their responsibility for those they are accountable for. With identified characteristics of the model such as listening, empathy, healing, awareness, persuasion, and stewardship, the servant leader focuses their efforts on building  a strong commitment to the growth of others, while also building community. 

Affective Consulting Partners have been trained in the principles, practices and philosophies of Servant Leadership through the Robert K. Greenleaf Academy of Servant Leadership, and are able to work with the leadership team in your organization to begin to implement these disciplines within your work environment. We offer a number of different possibilities for you to consider, and are more than willing to develop a customized approach for you and your team if need be. 

Ready to see what we have come up with for a solution for Hope’s Home?