we get you.

Hope’s Home is an amazing place.

As a parent of a child with a disability, it is very easy for me to connect with what Hope’s Home is all about, and Cory and I have been big fans of the organization since its inception. It’s incredible to see how much you have accomplished in such a very short time, and the work that has been done across the Province to create safe, loving and inclusive homes for children with complex medical needs, typically developing children and their families in our community. Your passion and purpose has created not only a better model of care for children with disabilities, but has shown the rest of us that there is a way for your vision to be replicated in other fields and through other programs.

But that’s not the whole story, is it?

you haven’t just built a home, you’ve created a family to live in it.

The success that others don’t necessarily focus on is the one that we think is the greatest achievement of your organization. As we see it, your legacy is not only the void that you have filled for your community, but also the culture of purpose, caring and servitude that you have built within your home. The people that work with you to fulfill your mission are engaged and wholly bought-in to the WHY of what you do.

I could see it everywhere when we visited yesterday. I watched Raquel at the front desk beam with pride when she told me about her stash of Tic Tacs that she has for her little “visitors”, and heard how other staff members bring her back exotic flavours when they go away on vacation. I watched Evelyn clean and tidy the board room while also trying to take notes, run and get business cards for everybody and stay engaged in the conversation. I listened to the passion in the voices of your leaders and the honesty and vulnerability you each expressed when discussing the needs for your growing organization, and I even heard on the way back down from our meeting that your new space was in many ways, much needed, but that many of your staff feel a bit lonely now that they have their own offices and don’t have to share space.

I was there an hour yesterday and gained a greater sense of what your organization is about through your people than I could have ever learned from your website or taken on a tour of your facilities - I got a chance to meet your family.

Thank you for the opportunity to meet you all, hear from you first hand, and meet your people.

here’s what I heard from you and your team.

Hope’s Home has gone from a single facility with a single mandate to multiple locations across the province with varying goals of providing daycare, respite or supportive living.

Your footprint across the Province has grown, and so has your team. With over 200 people employed by Hope’s Home, there is a need for the development of a centralized Human Resources department to not only assist your team leads on the ground with day to day people issues, but built strategy and process to guide the organization today and into the future.

You have made attempts in the past to build this department with an initial hire onto the Hope’s Home Executive team, but they have either under performed or have exited the organization.

You see a need to bring in someone with the ability to help set the foundation for the organization’s HR practices and policies, but also help guide the organization forward through the establishment of a comprehensive people plan that can be implemented along side your operational and financial plans for the future.

we want to help.

We believe that we are uniquely positioned to help you with your current operational HR issues, as well as take the work that is necessary to build that amazingly awesome HR Department of your dreams so that you don’t have to worry about attracting, recruiting, engaging and retaining future members of your family any more.