Kevan McBeth


Kevan is a true Servant leader. His understanding of people and his commitment to help organizations reach their greatest potential as an employer, community partner and service provider is what sets him apart as an expert in Human Resources.

He is known for creating safe, caring, autonomous, and inclusive cultures in both public and not-for-profit sectors by leading initiatives focused on dissolving barriers for people living with disabilities and helping them find meaningful work for meaningful pay.

Kevan has also made a positive social impact in the world outside of the organizations he works with. He started the We See You program, connecting youth to medical clinics in African slums by redirecting unwanted and outdated medical supplies and donated goods to clinics that supported Africa's most vulnerable and founded the I Am Stronger social movement that counteracts cyber bullying through the use of social media platforms.

Kevan is a current member of the Board for Creative Options Regina, a member of the Canadian Association for Supported Employment and a steering committee member of the home-grown employment initiative 4 to 40, which engages local employers to consider job customization for employees with disabilities.

Kevan holds certification in Servant Leadership and Gentle Teaching, as well as certificates of Administration from the University of Regina, and Corporate Social Responsibility from the University of Toronto. Kevan is a Certified Kolbe Specialist Consultant.

He’s your go-to guy for: servant leadership, gentle teaching, strategy development and implementation, culture change, organizational design, diversity integration, corporate social responsibility.