It has taken us years to develop our own leadership development model. 

Over the years, we've immersed ourselves in doing all we can to learn about personal and organizational leadership. Some techniques and models have struck a chord with us, and admittedly some have not. We've taken advantage of gaining a greater understanding of what the needs of our clients are, but more importantly we've asked ourselves and our colleagues "what is it that's missing from today's leadership training and development programs".  We heard comments like "there needs to be more training around teaching leaders to build trust and empathy", "Leaders need to understand how to hold themselves and their people to be more accountable" or "Leaders need to be more focused on personal and organizational values".  Our search for organizational leadership programing became less of a need to find models that work, and more of an obligation to improve what was being offered. 

When we couldn't find anything comprehensive that met our needs and the needs of our colleagues, we developed a model of our own. A model we call Affective Leadership™. And we can't waint to share it with you. 

Our master classes are made to order. 

We have developed our master classes in modules so that they can be tailored to the level of development that your organization needs. Whether you are looking for a half day session on self awareness, an introduction to servant leadership principles or a day and a half session that brings the entire "Self, Team, Corporation, Service" level of Affective Leadership™ together, we can work with you to give your team what they need, when they need it. 

Stand alone offerings


Implementing Servant Leadership in your organization

Target Audience: Middle management teams 

Session Length: 6 hour facilitated session

You have learned the foundations of what servant leadership is, and why it may be something that you and your organization may want to embed in your company's people practices. what? 

"Now what" is that it's time to put some of these principles in practice - to understand them at a deeper level and expand your learning of how to successfully use them in your organizational structure. "Now what" is better understanding the impacts of servant leadership and the value that it will have on how you engage your people and increase your organizational success. Understanding the practical application, as well as the impacts that servant leadership can have on your organization will help you connect the servant leadership discipline to realizable business outcomes. 

The principles of the full day training session is to further explore the 11 Servant Leadership principles at a deeper level; coupled with the practical application so learners understand how to apply the information learned in their everyday lives. This training seeks to better equip those who have successfully completed the Introduction to Servant Leadership with hands on tools and case studies of how servant leadership is being successfully implemented in organizations such as Starbucks and Home Depot. 



Online personal assessment and Faccilitated 3 hour team de-brief

An understanding of who you are, what you do and why you do it can be powerful. Through the use of individual employee Kolbe assessments, Affective Consulting is able to leverage greater employee engagement and self-actualization to build stronger teams, greater understanding of skills and strengths, and ultimately, more meaningful relationships. We can help your employees work with purpose.

Self awareness is the critical first step in unlocking indivdiual and team skills and abilities, and sets the foundation for a team environment that is built on trust, empathy and understanding. Our Self Awareness Team Building Sessions leverage the Kolbe Index™ assessment suite of tools to evaluate the conative strengths of your team, and unlock the potential of your group. 

The session includes and individual assessment of the management team, as well as their direct reports, and a 3 hour group de-brief session that is both informative and interactive. 



3 hour facilitated session

Servant Leadership theory aims to shift the way that our leaders look at their responsibility for those in which they are accountable for. With identified characteristics of the model such listening, empathy, healing, awareness, persuasion, and stewardship, the Servant Leader focuses their efforts on building  a strong commitment to the growth of others, while also building community. 

The primary purpose of this training is to provide an introductory overview of Servant Leadership; it's founder, history and philosophical foundations. We will teach both the central purpose and basic principles of Servant Leadership including the 11 Servant Leadership Principles. Within this session, leaders will be intoroduced to tools and ideas that will help them begin their journey towards becoming servant leaders themselves. 



3 hour facilitateted session

When organizations are able to develop a strong understanding of organizational purpose, it changes everything. Purpose becomes the single largest measuring stick for action, employee behaviour and organizational culture. It creates clarity in strategic direction and helps connect your busines to your customer. It becomes the philosophical heartbeat for your employees, who now connect their roles to both their heart and their head. 

As registered facilitators through the Simon Sinek WHY Discovery Course, Affective Consulting partners can work with organizations to facilitate the Discover Your Why session, allowing for personal and organizational purpose discovery. Our sessions walk organizations through the disovery of what an organizational purpose (or WHY) looks like, explore the elements of your organizational purpose and begin to craft an organizational WHY for use within your company. 


Full Day and Multiple Day Offerings

An introduction to AFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP™ 

Target Audience: Middle and Executive level leadership

Session Length: 7 hours, facilitated session

The initial level of Affective Leadership™ development combines what we believe are the two most important foundational pieces of leadership development - self assessment and awareness, and an introduction to the servant leadership model and philosophy. 

Focused on management teams accountable for the leadership of their employees, this session helps individual managers gain a greater understanding of who they are, and what strengths they bring as organizational leaders.

The introduction to Servant Leadership provides leadership teams a greater understanding of the servant leadership model and what potential exists to leverage ethically focused leadership within their organization. 



Target Audience: Middle and Executive level leadership

Session Length: 12 hours (1.5 days) 

Affective Leadership™ in action takes us deeper into the philosophies or Affective Leadership™ as we seek to gain a deeper understanding of the pillars and tools of servant leadership. Coupled with practical application so learners understand how to apply the information learned into their work environments as well as within their everyday lives. This training seeks to equip those who have successfully completed the Affective Leadership™ Level 1 training, with hands on tools and case studies, further strengthening their knowledge of servant leadership and how they relate this philosophy to their employees. 


leading in an Affective culture

Target Audience: Middle and Executive Leadership Teams 

Session Length: 12 hours ( 8 x 1.5 hour sessions) 

The Leading in an Affective Culture offering is a series of eight (8) 1 1/2 hour modules that are to be completed independent of one another during team and leadership meetings or proffessional development days. Modules include the expansion of discussion on the principles of servant leadership, leveraging evaluative tools and group coaching sessions aimed at ensuring that the Affective Leadership™ philosiphy is fully engrained within the organization and leadership teams have the support that is necessary to maintain forward momentum.