We believe that we can not only assist Orange Tree in turning around the culture of the second floor, but can also create a potential solution for embedding organizational purpose and meaning throughout the Orange Tree Living organization through this process. 

But in order for us to be successful, we need to gain a greater understanding of the issues that are keeping the Supportive Living and Memory Care teams from maximizing their full potential. This team in particular should represent a standard of service for the organization, rather than the cause for concern. 

So where do we start? Let's start small. 

Although we may know the outcomes of the issues that are problematic for the standard of service on the 2nd floor, we don't yet know what the root causes of the issues or processes that are creating them. We believe that the logical first step to take is to undertake an analysis of the environment and the operations from a people perspective to establish a base line for the concerns that may need to be addressed. 

Whether it is a series of small and easily correctable issues, or the need to overhaul the overall approach to the standard of care on the 2nd floor, we need to understand what it is we are dealing with before we can properly and appropriately address it. 

This is where we shine. 

Cory, Kevan and Scott are people people, and our approach to engaging members of an organization in an open and honest way helps build trust and allows employees to share their thoughts in a way that gets to the root problems of an issue. With the support of Tina and Crystal, the three of us can engage staff members through a series of interviews and on-site observation to create an HR Diagnostic Report that provides the leadership team with an understanding of common issues identified, and possible suggestions on how to solve them. 

Our recommendation. 

Supportive Living and Memory Care Teams Culture Diagnostics      

Estimated Time of Completion: November, 2017

Investment: $3,500+ GST 

Kevan, Cory and Scott will work with you and your Supportive Living and Memory Care teams to complete a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation of the current practices and culture of the second floor to determine the disconnect between the vision and mission of the organization and the current practices and processes of the team. We will complete this through a series of interviews of current staff and leadership, on-site observation and environmental scan of the second floor, and a review of attraction, recruitment and selection practices that build the teams for this critical area of the Orange Tree Living community. 

Between the three of us, we will review your 2nd floor team's structure, programs and activities and the systems that are supporting them to determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that exist for the current state as well as in the future. From soup to nuts, we'll cover all the bases and gain a greater understanding of what may currently driving culture of the team, and the necessary actions required to change it. 

Upon the completion of our evaluation, we will hand deliver a written report outlining our findings and what we feel is the best approach to move OTL's Supportive Living and Memory Care team towards a people centred culture. We will also include how we may be able to help get you there through our Affective Consulting service offerings. 

So, what do you think? 

I had the opportunity to share with the Affective team what my goals were for this engagement. They listened and were attentive to understanding my needs.
— Kevin Harris, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Saskatchewan Foster Families Association
As always, we are open to your feedback and any comments or concerns that you might have. We want to find a solution for you that helps you and your team achieve your goals, and we are thankful for the opportunity to help you meet those goals. 

If you see something that you like, fantastic. Send us a note or give us a call and we can create a contract and timeline to get the ball rolling for you as soon as possible.

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