It's not your vision, mission or values.

In traditional terms, your vision is what your organization wants to be when it grows up - it's the end goal that, when you develop it correctly, is the desired state that you aspire to achieve (but never quite arrive at). It’s usually drawn up by senior management, in an effort to take the thinking beyond day-to-day activity in a clear, memorable way.

Your mission is the day-to-day that supports the vision. It defines what you do, and to a certain extent how you do it. Its aim is to provide focus for management and staff.

Your values? Those are the guiding principles that traditionally define the desired culture within your organization. Values like honesty, integrity and mutual respect typically show up in most organizational value sets. 

So how does purpose differ from all of these key organizational statements that emphasize how your organization should view and conduct itself? By looking beyond the how and the what of your organization and concentrating on the Why of your organizational existence. 

Defining organizational purpose solidifies the direction of the entire organization.

By defining your purpose for your organization, your are providing your people with an outward looking statement of why the organization exists- the reason why your company exists and how ultimately you are able to serve your clients and customers. It's beyond "making money" as an outcome. It's about meeting need. 

When organizations are able to develop a strong understanding of organizational purpose, it changes everything. Purpose becomes the single largest measuring stick for action, employee behaviour and organizational culture. It creates clarity in strategic direction and helps connect your busines to your customer. It becomes the philosophical heartbeat for your employees, who now connect their roles to both their heart and their head. 

Most can tell you what they do, even how they do it. The magic is in WHY they do it. 

People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it.
— Simon Sinek

We are huge believers of the Simon Sinek school of organizational purpose. His simple, yet effective explanation of understanding purpose through a diagram that he calls "The Golden Circle" galvenizes the need for organizations to better understand WHY they are in business, and how that purpose can redefine their value proposition to both their employees and customers alike. 


Simon's book "Start With WHY" was one of the foundational pieces of content that we used when developing the Affective Leadership™ Master Class, and we have become subject matter experts in the practice of helping organizations find their WHY. 


Finding your organizational WHY. 

As registered facilitators through the Simon Sinek WHY Discovery Course, Affective Consulting partners can work with organizations to facilitate the Discover Your Why session, allowing for personal and organizational purpose discovery. Our sessions walk organizations through the disovery of what an organizational purpose (or WHY) looks like, explore the elements of your organizational purpose and begin to craft an organizational WHY for use within your company. 

Because this process is not one that can be completed in a day, access to a participant tracking process that allows Affective Consulting to work through the activity for extended periods of time is part of the coaching technique used through the WHY Discovery Course, and our consultants stay connected with you throughout the journey. We even have a Habit Changer Program that keeps us connected to you once your WHY has been established to make sure you are staying on track and have the support you need to fully integrate your purpose into your organization. 

WHY wait. Connect with us today. 

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