Aim for the heart, not the head. 

Since we started consulting, we have been chasing the idea that there is a better way to lead people. A way that places the value of people at the center and allows leaders to be vulnerable, empathetic and authentic. 

It wasn't until we came across the Serevant Leadership model developed by Robert K Greenleaf that we knew we'd finally found what we were looking for. Servant Leadership philosiphy is not something new, in fact it has been around for nearly 50 years. The term "Servant Leadership" was coined by Robert Greenleaf in a 1970 essay he published entitled "Essentials of Servant Leadership".  This timeless approach to leadership brings people back into the forefront, and presents a model that allows the leader to be themesleves- to care for the people that he or she has the ultimate responsibility for. 

Servant Leadership in a nutshell. 

Greenleaf's philosophy is a simple one. Rather than creating an organizational design that puts leaders in the position of ultimate authority and power, the Servant Leader is all about the sharing of power and control with those they are responsible for, and getting out of their way to allow them to be their best possible selves at work and at home. The Servant Leadership model promotes those who are servants first- people who have shown an interest to help others and be a part of a team rather than those who seek power and authority. 

And the best part of Servant Leadership from our perspective is the ability for leaders to connect with, build and grow meaningful and authentic relationships with their people in a way that allows them to be empathetic and vulnerable themselves. 

Organizations such as Starbucks, Home Depot and WestJet have all adopted a Servant Leadership model within their organization, producing greater levels of customer service experience, increased employee engagement and increased profitability. 

Servant Leadership isn't just a practice. It's a disciplined approach to culture. 

Servant Leadership isn't the easiest path for leaders to take. It takes time to develop, and an extremely strong committment by leaders to stay disciplined in their committment to embodying the Servant Leader philosiphy. However, the impacts of this discipline can be amazingly rewarding through the creation of lasting change, authentic relationships with your employees and counterparts, the ability to persevere with a non-anxious presence and a focus doint things that are right rather than doing things the "right" way. 

Serve those who serve your customer. 

Traditional models of leadership have the employee serving the leader, who directs them to serve the customer. Wouldn't it be better if your employees were being served by your leaders so that they can focus entirely on your clients and customers? 

Organizations that implement the Servant Leadership model have re-wired the way that they look at leadership, and rather than designing a hierachical approach to their resources, they've flattened their design so theire leadership team is serving their employees. This allows the employee team to focus their efforts on taking care of your clients, ultimately creating the best outcomes for your business- happy employees and very happy customers. 

The 11 Core Principles of Servant Leadership. 

Bob Greenleaf believed that there were 11 core principles associated with Servant Leadership, which we at Affective Consulting also subscribe to. These principles, when practiced in organizational leadership show higher levels.....


Servant Leaders are Servants first. The have a natural deep routed to serve others and make a difference. They are willing to sacrifice self-ineterst for the good of the group. 


To serve others we need to listen attentively, and understand what they do as well as what they are saying.


Servant Leaders strive to understand people's intentions and perspectives, while recognizing their special and unique spirit. 


We need to give people the knowledge, support and resources to do their jobs effectively, and care about their emotional and physical health. 


Great leaders learn from past experiences, can identify what is happening now, and understand the future consequences of their decisions. 


We need to be aware of who we are, how we impact others, and what is going on around us. 



Servant Leaders take accountability for their actions and performance of their organizations, their teams and themselves.


Servant leaders use persuasion, rather that their authority, to encourage people into action. 


Servant Leaders are committed to the personal and proffesional development of themselves, their teams and others they meet. 


Servant Leaders dream great dreams, and look beyond to see the big picture. 


Servant Leaders create a sense of community, rewarding and encouraging people to contribute to the success and overall objectives of the organization. 


Affective Consulting Servant Leadership Offerings

Affective Consulting Partners have been trained in the principles, practices and philosiphies of Servant Leadership through the Robert K. Greenleaf Academy of Servant Leadership, and are able to work with the leadership team in your organization to begin to implement these disciplines within your work environment. We offer a number of different possibilities for you to consider, and are more than willing to develop a customized approach for you and your team if need be. 

Affective Leadership™ Master Classes

Affective Consulting has developed a 4 level course offering that includes the principles of Servant Leadership as well as other components of a comprehensive approach to building a more authentic leadership approach. Within the master class, your leadership team will be able to immerse themselves in the Servant Leadership philosiphy through the Servant Leadership Primer session as well as learn how to implement Servant Leadership Principles and participate in a self-awareness practice through our Kolbe Index assessments. 

Servant Leadership Sessions and Coaching Programming

Through the development of a custom program for your organization, Affective Consulting can create a comprehensive training and development program for your leadership team that focuses solely on the practices, philosiphy and principles of Servant Leadership. Affective Partners can also create opportunity for further coaching and discussion during the implementation phases of Servant Leadership to ensure that your leadership team is supported along their journey. 

GreenLEAF Best Test™ Evaluation 

The true test of Servant Leadership is the determination of whether or not those whom you are serving are growing and developing under your directions.  The Greenleaf Best Test™ is a relatively new tool that can replace traditional 360 degree feedback or employee engagement tools to measure your employees physical and emotional health, opportunities to gain and integrate knowledge, their ability to express heightened autonomy and opportunities to continue the cycle of service. 

Interested in learning more about what we can do to help your company become a servant lead organization?

Reach out to us- we love connecting for a chat about Servant Leadership or anything else that might be on your mind. We are available for a no-strings-attached coffee anytime! 

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