Our Affective team is the perfect mixture of experience and expertise. We’ve paired that talent with our own unique suite of assessments, analytics, training and consulting to give our clients the exact formula they need to drive performance and help them achieve an impact through their people. We call this exceptional blend of talent, experience, tools and training Affective fuel, and we use it to supercharge our client’s impact.

Our slate of service offerings has…


On-Demand Flex HR Services

Affective’s On-Demand Flex HR service shares experienced HR Professionals over multiple organizations, enabling employers to leverage the expertise and experience they need without the overhead and expense of an internal HR department. Most organizations have a need for multiple levels of HR skill sets that are not commonly found in one person. Finding that ideal mix of expertise or making the investment in multiple HR people can be overwhelming for most companies. So, we developed the Flex HR concept, providing our clients with the ideal mix of expertise without making the investment in multiple HR people.

Our unique methodology is a collaborative approach between your organization and ours that starts with identifying your specific needs. We then determine the percentage of focus on each particular level and type of HR expertise necessary to satisfy your needs. Through an Affective Flex HR Services engagement, you’ll get a designated HR professional who will manage the relationship, work directly with your leaders and partner with other Affective partners and our Affective Affiliate team to create custom solutions for your organization.

Attracting & Recruiting High-Potential Talent

Affective has extensive experience in designing and implementing unique attraction strategies that bring high potential candidates to the doorstep of your organization. Our comprehensive recruitment process starts with a strategic organizational needs analysis and role review and uses a people-centred approach to attract and select high-performance individuals as well as individuals who can fill a critical gap on a team. Our proven process considers the whole person – from the knowledge, skills and abilities gained over time – to – the instincts that drive a person's natural way of taking action – to – the passion, purpose and ability to connect and collaborate with others – ensuring optimal fit within the culture of the organization.



Building High Performance Teams

Affective tailors its consulting and team engagements to your situation. We work with leaders and teams to create purpose and accomplish goals while setting you on the course to success. Our process begins with helping individuals understand their own strengths and then those with whom they work. Then we work with leaders to organize their efforts – leveraging the diversity of your team as an organizational advantage – enabling them to reach their full potential.  We offer a range of seminars, workshops and consultations focused on team discovery, synergy, productivity and problem solving.

Developing Purposeful & Passionate Leaders

True leaders not only give people the freedom to be themselves but fuel their passion by instilling within them principles and a purpose to serve others. Affective takes a person-first approach to coaching and consulting leaders through a servant leadership philosophy and blends this approach with unique assessments and diagnostic reports to provide executives and managers at all levels of an organization powerful new ways to develop as leaders, maximize people's strengths and improve performance.



Diversity & Employment Equity

One of the greatest strengths of an organization is the diversity of its people. We at Affective believe that organizations can attain their highest levels of engagement and innovation when they embrace idea that the diversity of their people isn’t something that separates and divides, but rather connects and inspires.

We’ve helped develop diversity and inclusion strategy and programming, manage self-declaration programs, and conduct highly impactful diversity and inclusion training initiatives for employers of all sizes and backgrounds, some of whom have been recognized as Canada’s Best Diversity Employers.

Affective is proud to be a majority-owned Aboriginal business.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Affective understands the impact of a triple bottom line approach to business, and have a unique level of expertise and experience when it comes to building and implementing Corporate Social Responsibility programs that demonstrate the power of well-aligned environmental and social cause initiatives that are connected to organizational purpose, and the impacts they have on your culture as well as your brand.

Affective partners have developed organizational social cause discovery methodology through the use of materiality mapping processes, developed environmental and social responsible strategy, and even created reporting using Global Reporting Initiative standards.