The services we provide are based on a bottom-to-top approach meaning that we start with the needs of the people in your organization first, then focus on team-based needs, and finally the needs of your organization as a whole. We offer a diverse range of services that consider the dynamic nature of the roles and responsibilities of the people in your organization so that we can work together to create a long lasting impact.


On-Demand Flex HR Services

If you’re a business or organization who doesn’t have HR policies in place or someone to fill an HR-related role, we can help you build a program that’s designed specifically for you. We’ll work collaboratively with you to identify your specific needs, determine the scope of the role(s) required, and create a strategy around the practices and policies that align with both your immediate and long-term HR goals.

Employee Attraction & Recruitment Strategies

If you’re a business or organization without a comprehensive employee retention plan, we will work with you to help you develop a people-centred recruitment strategy that will attract and retain high-performance individuals who can fill a critical gap within your organization.

Our process considers the whole person and takes an in depth look at their knowledge, skills, and abilities gained over time, their natural instincts that drive action, their desire for change and impact, and their ability to connect and communicate with others.



Team Building Workshops

If you’re a leader of a business or organization who wants to leverage the diversity of your team to encourage employee-led leadership and increase collaborative work efforts, we offer a range of team building workshops focused on team discovery, synergy, productivity and problem solving.

Servant Leadership Training

If you’re a leader of a business or organization who wants to better serve your people, we are certified Servant Leadership educators that offer training in servant leadership philosophy, principles, and applications that will help you strengthen your abilities as a leader so that you can maximize the strengths of your people to transform the way your organization operates..



Diversity & Inclusion Strategies

If you’re a business or organization without a diversity or inclusion strategy, we can help you develop diversity and inclusion initiatives, manage self-declaration programs, and conduct training that educates management on how to create an inclusive and supportive work environment that helps your employees feel like they belong.