Here are some of the things our clients are saying about the impact we’ve made on their organizations.




Jacqueline Tisher, CEO & Founder, Hopes Home


Tyler Grose, Sales & Marketing, Harbour Landing Village


“Affective Consulting was not your average or standard training program that people have been accustom to.  They did a fantastic job of focusing on the team and getting people to think less about the me and more about us.  My sales team responded excited, happy and all of them told me they really enjoyed the Kolbe training and Cory.  They definitely focus on the positives and how to use that to your advantage at both work and in your home life. I would definitely use them again and would recommend them to anyone looking build their team through training.”

Doug Kee, VP – Sales and Marketing, Advance Engineered Products Ltd.


“I would highly recommend Affective Consulting.  They administer the Kolbe assessments and provide a great summation of the results for your team.  They also present the results in an easy to understand format that’s very memorable with real life examples and applications.  I’ve taken many assessments over the years and this one I still apply and remember today.  Affective Consulting helps you decode instinctual behavior so the learnings are applicable, and you can make the most of your team’s strengths and understand what makes them unique.  They also do a session on Servant Leadership which I found very insightful, and again with examples that made it memorable.  The people from Affective Consulting are very knowledgeable and passionate about what they do, and I really enjoy any interactions I have with them!”

Diana Laturnas - Manager Special Projects


"I’m thrilled to write this testimonial for Kevan and Cory. These guys are not your average consultants. The most valuable thing that they bring to the table is that they are down to earth and relatable. They’re flexible in their approach and adaptable in their style. You will never get a cookie-cutter solution to your people challenges. These guys have a heart and that’s what makes them stand out from everyone else. Can’t wait to continue working with them on some of our people challenges!"

Mubarka Butt,  Chief Strategy & People Officer, SaskTel Centre



Affective Consulting has a history of delivering above and beyond. We want every client experience to be one that organizations rave about and tell others in their industry about, and we’ve curated a list of clients of all shapes and sizes who can speak to our white-glove service and the lasting impacts of our efforts.

Read some of the case studies of different organizations we’ve made impact with below.



Harbour Landing Village - FLEX SERVICES

An intergenerational senior care and living community, Harbour Landing Village have many moving parts when it comes to overall Human Resources needs.

Affective Consulting has worked with Harbour Landing Village (HLV) through a long-term fractional HR engagement, providing HLV with strategic and operational support in service to over 150 employees within the organization. From building foundational components of HR practices such as the development of Policies and Employee Handbooks, to facilitating strategic planning processes, creating operational processes and programs, Affective has provided HLV a team of resources capable of adapting to the needs of the organization, while also providing long-term strategic support.



Canadian Tire (Corporate) - SERVANT LEADERSHIP

Servant Leadership philosophy is one of the best-kept secrets in the leadership community today. We intend to change that.

The Affective teams believe so strongly in the purpose, principles, and practices of servant leadership that we started the Servant Leadership Centre of Canada, the first and only Canadian organization that promotes the timeless servant-based approach to leadership.

The Canadian Tire Triangle Learning Academy, the corporate learning university for the Canadian Tire organization has engaged the Servant Leadership Centre of Canada to facilitate Servant Leadership training for its mid-level management team in face-to-face facilitated sessions as well as webinars and online learning platforms. Our last session produced a learner net-promoter score of 74.1, exceeding the corporate standard of 61.




As a fast-paced, service-driven organization, SaskTel Centre needs its team working towards a common purpose through a strong culture of inclusion and engagement.

Affective has been working with the Senior Leadership team at SaskTel Centre, as well as key members of the staff to build and implement an employee engagement survey, covering core themes of employee wellness, satisfaction, and happiness, while also measuring relationships with peers and managers as well as alignment with organizational purpose. The results of this survey will inform the projects and programs that will be implemented in the next phase of our one-year engagement with the organization.




As a cultural cornerstone of the community, the MacKenzie Art Gallery’s talented and dedicated staff is a dynamic non-profit community resource with outstanding exhibitions and compelling programs. The MacKenzie Art Gallery engages people through outstanding, transformative experiences in the visual art through diverse cultural viewpoints and perspectives, including First Nations, Métis and Inuit, and newcomers to Canada.

Affective completed an organizational HR Audit with members of the Senior Leadership team and developed a plan to support the Gallery in areas of organizational design, job description development, policy review and development, and employee engagement. A member of our Affective Affiliates team is also assisting the MacKenzie in the collective bargaining process, providing guidance at the bargaining table to ensure the Gallery is bargaining in an open and transparent fashion while maintaining a meaningful working relationship with members of the CUPE Union who represent the MacKenzie in-scope staff.



Canadian Foster Families Association - ORGANIZATIONAL PURPOSE

Nearly every organization can tell you what they do. Most can even tell you how they do it. But most organizations can’t clearly articulate WHY they do what they do.

For non-profit organizations like the Canadian Foster Families Association, purpose (or the why behind what they do) is a critical part of the organizational mandate. Without a clearly articulated mandate and purpose, organizations lose the ability to build a commonly understood goal that not only articulates your purpose, but excited and inspires others to get behind the cause.

Affective partners worked with the CFFA Executive team, bringing together Executive members from across Canada to complete a full day workshop designed to define and clarify the CFFA’s organizational purpose. Affective challenged the Committee to look at their role through a servant leadership lens, and understand the impact of their support on Provincial programming as a way of supporting their end user – the foster families that they seek to support through their organization.



Advance Engineered Products - KOLBE WORKSHOPS

Every organization, no matter what the size, wants to engage their customers through a team of highly effective and aligned teams. The problem is, we’ve found over time that most organizations don’t know how to work together. Most individuals and teams aren’t able to understand how each member of a team may be motivated and driven to achievement through very different modes of operation.

Affective has helped a number of teams and organizations identify the creative instincts are the source of mental energy that drives people to take specific actions. This mental drive is separate and distinct from passive feeling and thoughts. Creative instincts are manifested in an innate pattern that determines an individual's unique method of operation, or modus operandi (M.O.).

Working with the team at Advance Engineered Products, Affective has helped the leadership team leverage the Kolbe A Index personal assessment to identify how individuals differ in their motivation through a deeper understanding of their conative strengths. As Certified Kolbe Consultants, we’ve facilitated our half-day Kolbe workshop with Advance and other organizations with the goal of completing inventory and analysis of a team’s unique set of instinctive strengths. Participants in each session learned how to use their natural talents and collaborate with others to achieve performance goals.



Wascana Property Management - STRATEGIC HR PLANNING

A long-standing, family owned and operated business, Wascana Property Management was about to enter into a critical time within their organizational history, through a transfer of operational power from the original ownership group to the next generation of the family to operate the business.

Affective helped develop strategic people plan to assist with the transition of ownership as well as a transfer of knowledge between owners. The team created an 36 month plan for the organization that included transitioning and subletting of employees while also building capacity in new fields of business that the next generation of ownership wanted to approach.



IntraGrain Technologies - HR SERVICES AUDIT

A true Saskatchewan success story, IntraGrain Technologies has become a world leader in grain and fuel monitoring, growing from a two man operation to a full complinent of in-house technical, operational and sales staff to meet the growing customer need.

Affective facilitated a full HR Services Audit for the ownership team, measuring and assessing IntraGrain's current HR policies, practices and processes, and made strategic recommendations for the implementation of practices that could grow alongside the organization for the future.