We lead teams with diverse skill sets and areas of expertise, who work collaboratively and seamlessly to meet our client’s needs.


In all most every way, Affective is built differently. We’re team of talented and dedicated partners, who’ve joined forces because of our core beliefs, excellent results and commitment to people-centred leadership.

We lead teams with diverse skill sets and areas of expertise, who work collaboratively and seamlessly to meet our client’s needs. For projects that require diverse expertise, Affective leverages members of our extended family of partners we call ‘Affective Affiliates’, a group of the most talented independent professionals, hand-picked to work seamlessly with us under the Affective umbrella.

What does that mean to our clients? It means that we can provide you maximum expertise and talent in the areas of your organization that needs our help. Because of this unique structure, we’re always able to put the ‘A’ team on each project, through a flexible and adaptive alignment of resources that keeps our overhead down and our value-based pricing reasonable.


Kevan McBeth


If you needed to, we guess that you could label Kevan as an Executive Human Resources Leader. But his work has taken him far beyond the traditional definition of what an HR professional does.

At his core, he is a true Servant Leader. Someone who has always felt that developing amazing people is the way that you deliver amazing organizational results. He builds communities, and believes in the social responsibility of both individual and organization.  His track record for creating safe, caring, autonomous and inclusive cultures has made him a sought after leader in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

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Cory Blair


If you asked Cory what he loves most about his role as the Chief People Officer of Affective Consulting would be, without hesitation he would say “the ability to watch people realize their full potential”.

Putting it simply- Cory loves to coach others. He lives for the opportunity to help others better understand who they are, and clears the path for them to honour their authentic selves. In fact, that’s how we fell in love with personal assessments and team building initiatives, like the Kolbe Index tool that is a cornerstone of our practice. His love of helping others has led to the delivery of over 1,700 individual and team assessments that have put people on the path to being self-aware, and created more authentic organizations. Cory has the innate ability to see the strengths in every person he meets and the remarkable affect to make people smile.

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