The Why. The How. And the what. 

A full service offering that takes the heavy lifting off your plate, but keeps you at the wheel while we work. 

Outline of Services Offered


Guiding Statements  - The WHY                                                                                              


Anticipated timeline for full implementation - 6 - 8 weeks

What's involved. 

The guiding statements portion of the contract will be the single largest undertaking of the overall process, but also the most rewarding. 

Our design would include the development of a process with you and your Executive Team that would outline to your the importance of the three distinct guiding statements that we are proposing and the value in each. An initial overview meeting will set the tone for the process, outlining initial timeframes, expectations of Executive sponsorship and support, and the development of a schedule for our partners to connect with each member individually as part of our initial scope of the project.

It is highly recommended that staff at all levels of the organization and from each office be engaged in this initial "Purpose" stage- this engagement will allow us to better understand some of the varying levels of thought around WHY the organization exists, as well as feed into the discussion of vision and mission statements, which will be formed throgh the leadership as a strategic exercise. It has been our experience that input at this stage of the process creates a greater sense of ownership of the purpose, vision and mission statements within the organization, and allows for greater levels of initial implementation when finally released.

We recommend exploring a blend of in-person interviews and the leveraging of on-line options such as quick-learn video sessions and simple surveys would be the best way to engage as many people as possible in multiple locations, and ensure that your employees in the field have the full ability to participate.


Strategy for embedding statements into organizational culture- the how

$20,000 + Taxes  AND EXPENSES