We get you. 

Wascana Property Management is a family run business, with family values. You believe in the importance of hard work and the delivery of quality service for your clients. You see your properties not as income earning vehicles, but as people's homes. You understand that your tenants are hard working people who raise their families and make memories in your properties. They are the reason why you do what you do. 

Your family values and strong commitment to service has lead you to a high level of success and growth, and now it's time to take your organization to the next level. You know that means an increased level of focus on your people, your systems and your processes to make sure that your purpose and vision for your organization doesn't drift and lose perspective. It's time to bring in some friends to help focus the organization's people practices. 

What we heard. 

Based on our conversations with you, we have heard you tell us that there is much to do in terms of updating the existing policies and processes in the organization, as well as working together to help build the strategies to help the people part of your business stay in stride with your goals for organizational growth. Your people are committed and dedicated to the same things you are- customer service and satisfaction, but you need to find ways to maintain that level of commitment with new and existing people. 

We can help with that. 

We see a number of potential opportunities to work with you and your people at Wascana Property Management, helping you develop a  rock-solid people plan that can be easily implemented today, and can grow with you as your organization continues to succeed.

At first blush, we can see potential for us to work together to identify a number of potential opportunities for you- we can work with your team to to assess the pieces of a people plan that you already have in place, and help identify areas of potential opportunity for further development. We can take these pieces and help you build a strategic plan that mirrors your leadership beliefs, but also gives your employees the structure in their environment that they may need for clarity purposes.

We can provide you with some foundational pieces of a solid HR process, including HR policies, employee handbooks, and support to help create a srtong plan rooted in Mission, Vision and Values statements that will make you and your employees proud to be a part of your organization.

And finally; we can help better understand, and even run, the day to day people issues (if this is what you want) so we can provide you with a clearer understanding of what your resource burn currently is on these practices, and whether or not they warrant a dedicated resource. Again, as we said in our meeting with you - we can provide you with the support ourselves, or even help you hire that first HR Generalist to support Wascana Property Management long-term. You are always in the driver's seat with us. 

About us. 

We're a small, boutique leadership firm. You're welcome ;-)

Our belief is that there is no single solution or model that can be used to solve every issue. One size does not fit all; one size fits one.

Working with a boutique local firm like the guys at Affective Consulting offered better personal customer service, easy accessibility, and an opportunity to meet and know the people behind the service.
— Janson Anderson, Director- SaskPower

We leverage the strengths of each of our partners to work with our clients using small teams that allow our approach to be extremely adaptive and customizable to the needs of the people we are seeking to serve. We involve our clients as partners in the process from day one, helping us truly understand their business. We believe in an individualized, person-centred approach that puts people at the heart of our design, and helps transform our client’s organization.

Our design approach includes a strong focus on follow-up. We believe that one of the greatest areas where consultants fall down is the traditional practice of moving on before the desired outcome has been achieved. The boutique approach we have taken, is to build-in a small amount of post-development consulting time, so that we can ensure that what we have intended to deliver hits the mark and stays on track.

Through the use of this approach, we begin to establish organizational trust, understanding and the belief that everyone truly matters within the design of the business.


Our approach to hr consulting and  outsourcing.

We believe that the best person to run your organizations People Program is you. 

Most HR consultants seek out operational control and ask for the power to develop programs and approaches to organizational design so that they can build the systems they want to implement, not necessarily the systems that you need. 

We just don't roll that way. 

We want you to keep the keys to your business- we just want to help you steer. Our belief that the best person to implement your people plans is you - the one who has put your blood, sweat and tears into building your business, and we can help set you up for success.

Through our Free Agent offiering, we provide small to  medium sized business owners an opportunity to build the foundation of their People Plans, with the support you need to better understand HR practices so that you can confidently speak to and support them with your people. Your People Plans should be an extension of your values and beliefs as an organization, not a list of regulations that make the lives of your leaders and your people miserable.

Free Agent allows you to tap into the expertise of our team, providing you strategic, operational and organizational design that can not only pick up the ball and take over your existing HR practices, but build the foundation of a full People Plan that will set the organization's foundation for the future. We can help you establish the direction for your people practices so that you can effortlessly continue with them long after we have left.  

Our approach towards team building and self-awareness. 

We believe that teams who are self-aware are more engaged, and therefore more productive. 

Team self-awareness brings a greater understanding of individual strengths and abilities, and shifts the way that we think about each other. As teams, we begin to see our colleagues not for the position that they hold, but the value they bring. Team awareness starts with self-awareness, and the understanding of your personal strengths is something that can be valued when a collaborative and inclusive team approach is in place.

We believe that a greater awareness of not only who we are, but why we do what we do is essential to the development of high-potential teams - so much so that it has become a cornerstone belief of our leadership philosophy.

We have sought out the only evaluation tool in the world that measures the conative part of your brain- the part of your brain that controls your instincts and drives individual actions. Our team has become subject matter experts in the field of conative strength, delivering over 1,700 assessments in organizations just like yours. 

Through the use of Kolbe assessments (called a Kolbe A™ Index ) and decades of professional coaching and recruitment experience, Affective Consulting can assist your organization's employees better understand what drives them, and how they can best position themselves for personal and professional success. 

The use of the Kolbe B™ Index measures an individual's perception of their own job responsibilities. Comparing the Kolbe A™ with the Kolbe B results helps job holders recognize when they are trying to perform contrary to their natural strengths and abilities.

Finally, a Kolbe C™ Index result is designed to identify the characteristics necessary to function in a specific job. Unlike the Kolbe A™ or Kolbe B™, this form is filled out by the supervisor and defines his or her functional job expectations. Comparing Kolbe A to Kolbe C results identifies when job related stress is caused by impossible demands.

Through fun, interactive and always positive team interpretations, called Kolbe Teamsuccess® Seminars, Affective consultants can bring an understanding of individual results, team dynamics, share personal stories and real life examples of how you perform better as a team when you better understand your instincts, and we leave behind practical, customized strategies to keep the momentum going.  

Ready for the sales pitch?