We do what we love. 

Through our extensive experience in leadership, strategy and human resource practice, we are able to provide a wide range of consulting options to our clients.

Our capabilities

Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership is the core belief of our organization. We believe that by developing leaders who seek to fulfill the needs of others, organizations will reap the rewards of higher engagement and greater customer satisfaction. 

We help organizations transform their leadership model and think differently about their organizational effectiveness by shifting to a servant leadership model through Executive and middle management coaching, program development, communication and engagement measurement. 

Training and development

As a boutique consulting firm, Affective Consulting works with organizations to develop training programming that meets the needs of the client rather than pulling a product off the shelf. We have helped develop organizational leaders through Servant Leadership courses, trained teams in the importance of inclusion, corporate social responsibility and culture integration and helped organizations understand what being in a respectful workplace truly means.  We can help your organization too.

EMPLOYEE Engagement

Its the hot new buzz word these days, and almost everyone runs an engagement survey- but then why aren't our people more engaged? Affective Consulting understands that engagement surveys are critical to understand what employees are feeling, thinking and doing in their roles and within your organizational culture, but thats only half the story. 

Affective Consulting takes engagement programs to the next level - changing the way that they are rolled out, challenging the measurement, and building momentum for change during post-engagement survey communication. 

Affective Consulting is also uniquely positioned to provide your organization with engagement measures that integrate Servant Leadership methodology into your organization. Ask us how. 

Team Building

An understanding of who you are, what you do and why you do it can be powerful. Affective Consulting leverages greater employee engagement and self-actualization to build stronger teams, greater understanding of skills and strengths, and ultimately, more meaningful relationships. We can help your employees work with purpose. 


Affective Consulting helps traditional organizations navigate and find success in the new resource constricted world, where we are all being asked to do more with less, employees are seeking meaningful employment and engagement, and generational differences are the norm.

Culture and Diversity Integration

Your ability to grow and develop your business, keep your customer and your employee happy, and attract the next generation of high-potential employees may very well depend on the culture you have created within your organization, and the inclusive work environment that fosters collaboration. We have the skills to keep your people happy.


Supported Employment

Developing opportunity for all people is not only good business; it impacts your organization’s overall culture and employee engagement. We can connect you to community supports and help you set up a program to engage people with cognitive disabilities as valuable employees doing meaningful work in your organization.



Through the use of candidate assessments and decades of professional recruitment experience, Affective Consulting can assist your organization in finding the right candidate for the right position, and help set them up for long-term success.


Career Transition and Development

An element of change management may require employee transitioning. Whether that transition is into a new role, or a transition outside of the workplace all together, Affective Consulting can assist organizations determine which employees have the greatest opportunity for success, and which employees may face internal conflict with the change.


Leveraging industrial psychology philosophies to assist employees find their authentic self and better understand their potential and identify any possible blind-spots that may need their attention before taking that next step in their career.



There are a number of organizations that can help your company manage change. We have the ability to not only assist with the change, but implement a full-scale people plan that helps you identify where in your organization you may face resistance, develop solutions to combat these issues, and help your company stick the change management landing.

Corporate Social Responsibility                         

Affective Consulting believes in the triple-bottom line philosophy of organizational success, and the understanding that an organization’s sustainability is entirely dependent on the sustainability of the community it serves.

Whether you need assistance in completing an overall CSR strategy, identifying organizational opportunities for CSR activities through social innovation practices, develop materiality assessment activities or help writing a comprehensive CSR report that is compliant with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines, we’ve done it all.


Speaking Engagements

Sharing knowledge is powerful. Affective consulting is available for keynote or break-out sessions covering any and all of the above topics.