Design and Construction Team Pitch Overview 

Based on the conversations that we have had with Jennifer and Celene, and the recommended approach that we have presented to you to help you and your team begin to develop a more inclusive and collaborative team environment. 

We believe that the first step in this process is to gain a better understanding of individual team members and their instinctual behaviours, leading to creating mutual understanding between team members of how they work, what creates strain and stress between them, and how they can work more collaboratively together as a team. 

It is our recommendation that, given budgetary constraints, we focus our initial efforts in this area on team members at the Manager and Supervisory level. 

Proposed Costs and Timelines: 

Project Cost: $12,000 + GST and travel costs

project completion timeline: september 15th, 2017 - november 15th, 2017

Project outline 

Below are the outlined steps within the proposed project that would be completed within the scope of the project. 


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Kolbe Assessment intake                                    September 15th 

Affective Consulting Partners will engage members of the Construction and Design Leadership Team via email, asking them to spend 20 - 30 minutes completing a Kolbe A and B assessment, which they can access online at any time. Each assessment can be completed at the leisure of the individual, with a goal of completing the assessments within a 7 - 10 day time period. 

All candidate information will be compiled by Affective Consulting and each candidate profile will be printed and presented during the Kolbe Team Dynamics Workshop. 

As Kolbe assessments are gathered, additional information will also be gathered for use in the Kolbe A-A comparison, and the Leadership Analytics Report will begin to be generated as well during this time for presentation later in the project timeline. 

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Kolbe Team dynamics workshop                             Early October

The Management and Supervisor Team will convene in early October to participate in a half-day development session that will present an overview of the Kolbe assessment process, and the results for individuals as well as the team as a whole. 

During this session, members of the team will gain a deeper understanding of how they work as individuals as well as some insights into how others operate conatively, and will be provided with tips and tools that can allow them to work together more collaboratively. 

Individuals will also be given an opportunity to review some of the potential strains and stressors that they themselves have identified within their own jobs and how they can improve their own day to day activities. 

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Affective Consulting Partners will meet with Celene to present a fully detailed analytics report based on the results of individual Kolbe A and B assessments, as well as observations that have been made during the Kolbe Team Dynamics Workshop. 

Included in the report will be a conative team inventory, a spreadsheet of team strengths, your team culture (real and required), productivity factors that may affect your organization's ability to be more effiective, and efficiency factors that can better outline your organization's ability to be collaborative and effective as a cohesive team. 

The report will also include partner input and observations that have been collected through the analysis of employee Kolbe information and participation during the team de-brief sessions. Recommendations will be provided to Celene and team based on the information gathered through these informal channels and further recommendations made based on this information. 

Closing the loop                                                                     By November 15th

As with all projects that are completed by Affective Consulting, all contracts include 5 hours of services that can be used at the discretion of the client to further investigate or correct issues associated with the proposed contract. Part of that service includes a session with the client at the completion of the process to discuss both positives and negatives associated with the project and whether or not any additional services are required. 

As part of this project, we are committing to having a "closing the loop" conversation with Celene by mid-November to gain a greater understanding of what her thoughts were in terms of the effectiveness of the proposed project, and whether or not there is an opportunity to work with the Construction and Design team further. 


So, what do you think? 

As always, we are open to your feedback and any comments or concerns that you might have. We want to find a solution for you that helps you and your team achieve your goals, and we are thankful for the opportunity to help you meet those goals. 

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