We get you.

The City of Saskatoon is a vibrant, growing community with a rich history and a diverse population. As civic servants of this growing community, responsible for many of the construction and design elements of the infrastructure for the City of Saskatoon,  your goal is to build an increasingly sustainable community over time, with an enhanced quality of life, consistent with the vision and core strategies of the City’s Strategic Plan. 

This is no easy task. 

Your team answers to internal and external stakeholders and is accountable for the planning and execution of key areas of your communities infrastructure. 

What you told us. 

When we talked with Jennifer and Celene, we heard that there is a great amount of organizational tension within your team. Your group are considered subject matter experts in their designated area of expertise, with multiple layers of seniority and experience. The members of your group are at times in conflict with themselves, as well as external contractors as they attempt to hold others accountable, but seek the authority within their teams to be seen as experts in their own right, and a meaningful contributor to their projects. 

In short- your group is not operating collaboratively as a team, but rather as a group of highly skilled individuals. 

You expressed a need to find tools and tactics that can bring that team cohesion to the forefront. You seek a way to change the way that the group sees and interacts with each other, and create a deeper understanding that each group member brings a diverse perspective, skill and knowledge base that when engaged in an open and inclusive environment can be an operational advantage. 

We can help with that. 

We see a number of ways that we can assist your organization in being the best that it can possibly be for your employees, as well as the people you serve. We offer a number of different solutions that can be custom-fit to your business approach so what we help you put in place compliments your operation, and feels like an authentic part of your overall business philosophy. 

We offer two key programs that we believe may be of interest to Alsask as compliments to your already successufl organizational culture and employee engagement programs. 

We're a small boutique leadership firm. You're welcome! ;-)

Our belief is that there is no single solution or model that can be used to solve every issue. One size does not fit all; one size fits one.

We leverage the strengths of each of our partners to work with our clients using small teams that allow our approach to be extremely adaptive and customizable to the needs of the people we are seeking to serve. We involve our clients as partners in the process from day one, helping us truly understand their business. We believe in an individualized, person-centered approach that puts people at the center of our design, and helps transform our client’s organization.

“Working with a boutique local firm like the guys at Affective Consulting offered better personal customer service, easy accessibility and an opportunity to meet and know the people behind the service.”
— Janson Anderson, Director- Customer Programs, SaskPower

Our design approach includes a strong focus on follow-up. We believe that one of the greatest areas where consultants fall down is the traditional practice of moving on before the desired outcome has been achieved. The boutique approach we have taken, is to build-in a small amount of post-development consulting time, so that we can ensure that what we have intended to deliver hits the mark and stays on track.

Through the use of this approach, we begin to establish organizational trust, understanding and the belief that everyone truly matters within the design of the business.



We geek out on brain stuff. 

We have dedicated ourselves to creating a greater understanding of what makes people tick. 

Although we are all different as people, we all have things that drive us. 

There are three parts to the human mind- the cognitive (which manages your knowledge and experiences), your affective (which controls your emotional being) and your conative (a lesser known part of the brain, which measures your instinctual behaviour, as well as the values and beliefs that drive your motivations). 

Each of these parts of your brain play a significant part in how you think, feel and act, and when all three are in a state of engagement, people are capable of amazing things. 

Cory, Kevan and Scott are all trained in the use of the Kolbe Index A assessment, the only test in the world that measures the instinctual, or conative, part of the mind, and have made the assessment a corner stone of their consulting business. 

But enough about us, let's talk about what we can do for you.