A story about two guys with big hearts who left the corporate world to help organizations change from the inside out by taking traditional HR policies and approaches and turning them into people-centred solutions.


Cory and I initially bonded over our shared interest for serving others. We both had decades of experience as leaders within some of Canada’s best run organizations and understood the impact an organization could have beyond its four walls when it made the people within them first priority.

With our combined knowledge and expertise, we saw an opportunity for us to take what we’d learned in the corporate world, and bring it into community organizations where there was a disconnect between the organization’s overall mission and the people within it.

Bringing to life, Affective Consulting, an HR consulting practice that uses an unconventional approach to create people-centered solutions so that your employees feel recognized, valued, and supported in whatever role they may be in.

Cory and I have also brought in a team of partners who bring a diverse set of skills and perspective that compliments our areas of expertise. Together, we create an integrated team that’s adaptable to any scope of project. We are able to create a work experience for you that’s all hands (and brains) on deck so that you feel valued, supported, and understood throughout the entire process.

The work we do for you is rooted in our guiding principle, “People Fuel Impact.” Individually, these words represent what our work focuses on and together they become the statement that explains what we stand for.


We believe that your people are the core of your organization. When you focus on their growth and development to fuel their success, they will have the confidence to serve in a way that creates
a lasting impact far beyond your organization.


The ‘A’ Team


Kevan Mcbeth

Chief Purpose Officer

Kevan is a true Servant leader. His understanding of people and his commitment to help  organizations reach their greatest potential as an employer, community partner and service provider is what sets him apart as an expert in Human Resources. 

He is known for creating safe, caring, autonomous, and inclusive cultures in both public and not-for-profit sectors by leading initiatives focused on dissolving barriers for people living with disabilities and helping them find meaningful work for meaningful pay.

Kevan has also made a positive social impact in the world outside of the organizations he works with. He started the We See You program, connecting youth to medical clinics in African slums by redirecting unwanted and outdated medical supplies and donated goods to clinics that supported
Africa's most vulnerable and founded the I Am Stronger social movement
that counteracts cyber bullying through the use of social media platforms.  

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Cory Blair

Chief People Officer

Cory loves to coach others. The one thing he loves most is about working with people is watching them realize their full potential. 

He lives for the opportunity to help others better understand who they are, and clears the path for them to honour their authentic selves. In fact, that’s how he fell in love with personal assessments and team building initiatives, like the Kolbe Index tool. To date, Cory has led over 1,700 individual and team assessments that have put people on the path to being self-aware, and created more authentic organizations.

Cory understands that cultures are built upon a shared vision and common values between people. He loves helping organizations evolve their cultures into something awesome by using Affective Leadership™ practices to connect employee passion with corporate strategy.

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